Chico Animal Shelter

Top Ten Things To Know About CHICO ANIMAL SHELTER!

  1.  Chico Animal Shelter (CAS) and Butte Humane Society (BHS) are NOT the same organization. They work closely together and share the same location on Fair Street, but they have very different functions. Here’s what you need to know…
  2. Chico Animal Shelter takes in ALL stray and surrendered dogs, sick and injured cats, and orphaned kittens from within the City of Chico limits. So, if an animal is homeless, Chico Animal Shelter gives them care.
  3.  Animals brought to the shelter are held a minimum of 5 days, exceeding the state requirement of 72 hours.
  4. Finders of an animal brought to the shelter have the first option to adopt that animal if it is not claimed.
  5. At Chico Animal Shelter, NO animal is euthanized for space or time. Only animals that are suffering or are a danger to other animals or people are euthanized.
  6. If an animal is not claimed or adopted by the finder, The Butte Humane Society (BHS) identifies animals they want to bring into their adoption program so BHS is the Chico Animal Shelter’s primary adoption partner. But the shelter works with other rescue groups where appropriate.
  7. What about the animals not accepted by BHS into their adoption program? Well, Chico Animal Shelter will work with animals not ready for adoption or easily adoptable by providing behavior modification, socialization, or medical care to make them more adoptable. The Chico Animal Shelter will often offer these animals for adoption directly through their own adoption program. It was through this program that Bryce’s family adopted Jasmine!
  8. Adoption fees for these special animals cover the cost of the microchip, vaccinations, and worming. All other costs of adoption, including spay/neuter and the heartworm or Felv test are covered by donations, which help keep adoption fees low. The adoption fee for cats is $31.50 and for dogs is $35.00.
  9. The staff at the Chico Animal Shelter is responsible for the care of all animals at the Fair Street location, including those who are the responsibility of Chico Animal Shelter AND those who available for adoption through BHS.
  10.  The Chico Animal Shelter is part of Chico Animal Services, a section of the Chico Police Department. The shelter’s budget does not cover all costs associated with the care of its animals. This is why donations are so important and appreciated. All donations to the Chico Animal Shelter are handled through the North Valley Community Foundation, making donations tax-deductible. 100% of the funds donated go toward spay/neuter and medical care of the animals at the shelter.

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