Thank you to our pervious sponsors! We are excited to see you again next year!



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Back again in 2018! Our thanks to Action News Now and affiliate stations  for supporting Walk Woof Wag! Watch for announcements about Walk Woof Wag on Action News Now!

View this super cool Walk Woof promotional video HERE! It is SO great and we are SO grateful!!! 

Check out the Action News Now WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page!

 www CN&R Icon_red_cmyk  Back again in 2018!  We love this weekly news source! Check out the CN&R website HERE! Check out the Facebook page HERE!

New in 2018! Bob FM and his family of radio stations are friends of Walk Woof Wag! Listen for live interviews and announcements! WOOF!




Tah-Dah-Logo---white-backgr Back again in 2018!  Our beloved DJ, Ryan , knows how to bring the put the party in the animals! Ryan loves dogs, music, and putting on the show that makes Walk Woof Wag a fun, festive, phenomenal event! Check out the Tag-Dah website HERE and Facebook page HERE
Pet whsiperers banner Back again in 2018!  Once again, the Pet Whisperers are back to help us better understand the perspectives and experiences of our pets! This trio of gifted pet psychics will conduct a reading on your pet. A donation of $10 per reading is requested, with your donation going straight to the Walk Woof Wag Fund. Thank you, Pet Whisperers!
Joining the pack in 2018! We’re so excited to have Sue Anderson of Black Cat Photography with us for Walk Woof Wag 2018! In fact, Black Cat Photography will be the official photographer at our photo booths this year so you’re sure to get a superb photo of your dog. Sue has been taking photos of animals and their humans for many years and her work is beloved in our community and beyond. Check out her beautiful photos on her WEBSITE and be sure to like and follow her FACEBOOK page!


Back again in 2018!  Wondering who is behind our awesome graphics? Dragon Graphics  in Chico, CA of course! Check ’em out. Awesome! Here’s their website HERE. Follow them on Facebook HERE!



Pawprints Back again in 2018!  We love and are so grateful for this sponsor! Pawprints is a non-profit thrift boutique, run entirely by volunteers and proceeds go to support spay and neuter programs for animals in our area. A board member of Pawprints Thrift Boutique has personally supported Walk Woof Wag each and every year (the sponsorship fee does NOT come out of store profits but from her own pocketbook!) because she believes in working together to help our local shelter. How cool and community-minded is that?! There is no better place to donate, volunteer, or shop. We love Pawprints! Visit their new WEBSITE and fun FACEBOOK page! 
Joining the pack in 2018! Murray Smith is THE MAN! Dog lover, craftsman, contractor, and Scot! If you have seen his work, you know you’ve seen the best. And if you’ve met him, you know you’re met one of those genuine, true-blue, humans – sure to become your friend – who makes you feel just a bit better just for having crossed his Scottish path. Thank you to our dear friend, Murray Smith, for being a top level sponsor of Walk Woof Wag 2018!
  Joining the pack in 2018! Forest Animal Hospital is an institution in Chico. They provide trusted veterinary care for so many Chico residents and now, with this top level sponsorship are helping to ensure that the animals at Chico Animal Shelter get needed vet care too. Dr. Moore and his staff are awesome! Hop on over to their FACEBOOK page and leave a message telling them woof and thanks for being part of Walk Woof Wag 2018!
Joining the pack in 2018! Dr. Keira Troxell of St. Francis Veterinary Housecalls specializes in taking care of your animals during the most special time of their lives with you…times when they need compassionate hospice and end-of-life care. If you have met Dr. Troxell, you know how big her heart is, and now she is sharing it with the animals of Chico Animal Shelter by stepping up as a top level, Leader of the Pack, sponsor with Walk Woof Wag. Please show Dr. Troxell you appreciate her support of Chico Animal Shelter’s animals by visiting her FACEBOOK page and WEBSITE.  
Joining the pack in 2018! Thank you to our friends at PG&E!! They are their employees have been such strong supporters of Walk Woof Wag over the years. We can’t thank you enough helping us help Chico Animal Shelter help animals in need!  Visit www.pge.com to learn more about all they do! 



 Back again in 2018!  This is the “go to” veterinary practice for clients wanting superb care AND the opportunity for both western and eastern medicine for their pets. We love their doctors and staff and are so grateful that they have become a Best in Show sponsor for the fourth straight year! Check out their website HERE and their Facebook page HERE


Back again in 2018! OMG, how SWEET is this BEST IN SHOW sponsorhip?!! And we mean literally! This wonderful bakery/cakery is right on the way to The Canine Connection, second home to all the Walk Woof Wag dogs who are featured on our logs. Stop on the way and pick up a super yummy treat for yourself! Check out their website HERE and Facebook page HERE!

 LookAheadVet_logo Back again in 2018! There is nothing more meaningful than our veterinary community stepping up to support Chico Animal Shelter’s medical fund through Walk Woof Wag sponsorship. Thank you to LOOK AHEAD VETERINARY SERVICES for being on the side of the animals in Chico Animal Shelter’s care! Check out this practices website HERE. And don’t forget to like their FACEBOOK page! 
www Chico Creek Animal Hospital Back again in 2018! Thanks to Dr. and Wendy Bettencourt for again sponsoring Walk Woof Wag and for always being a happy presence at our event! Folks, you won’t find a more professional and nicer veterinary team anywhere than Chico Creek! We love and appreciate this local practice. Check out their website HERE.  Chico Creek Vet on Facebook HERE.
WWW Stifel Logo_Black_300ppi Back again in 2018! Thanks to the Chico branch of this  investment company for helping Walk Woof Wag help Chico Animal Shelter help animals! Check out the Stifel website HERE! And here is Stifel on FACEBOOK!
Joining the pack in 2018! We know that the people at Tri-Counties Bank love these two things – our Chico community and the animals that fill our lives with joy. Tri-Counties steps up to help in so many ways and we are thrilled they are stepping up to support Chico Animal Shelter.  Visit their WEBSITE and send them a “thanks!” on their FACEBOOK page to let them know you appreciate their support. 
Joining us in 2018! Thank you Valley Oak for all you to keep our community’s animals healthy and safe! Visit the VCA Valley Oak WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page. WOOF!



apoth options


Back again in 2018! Once again, our friends at Apothecary Options have shown their support of Chico Animal Shelter through Walk Woof Wag. Chico is so fortunate to have this professional, state-of-the art compounding service that focuses on your optimal health! Check out their WEBSITE!

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Back again in 2018!  Any company that has a dog on their staff profiles page is a sure friend of Walk Woof Wag. Xena, Warrior Princess, along with her person, Joan Stoner, has shown off her agility skills at previous Walk Woof Wag events! Check out their website HERE. Follow them on Facebook HERE.

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Back again in 2018! Thank you to our friends at this great law firm for supporting the animals!! They have been with us each year and we (and all who love care so deeply about those animals in the good care of Chico Animal Shelter) are so grateful! Check out their website HERE!


Back again in 2018! Thank you to our friends at Rabobank for being a Walk Woof Wag sponsor! All who support the good work of Chico Animal Shelter are grateful for your community spirit! Visit Rabobank’s WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page! There are DOGS on their Facebook page!!

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Back again in 2018! Since our event began in 2014, Mike Friend RVs has sponsored Walk Woof Wag. We so appreciate their support and hope you will show them yours. Here’s their WEBSITE!
 Tanny Johnson, Coldwell Banker DuFour Realty Back again in 2018!  No one loves dogs like Tanny loves dogs! Thank you, Tanny, for helping The Canine Connection find its permanent home! Reach Tanny for your dog-loving home needs HERE
Joining us in 2018! Thank you to RGA, Russell Gallaway and Associates, Inc. For being a friend of Walk Woof Wag! Check out their website HERE! 



5Th Street Steakhouse

Back again in 2018! 5th Street Steakhouse is an integral part of Chico and now it is part of Walk Woof Wag too! Our thanks to the dog-loving team who brings us the best dining in Chico! Here’s their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page! Please let them know how much you appreciate their support!

Kendra DiGrazia, Ballou Company Real Estate Services

Back again in 2018!  Kendra DiGrazia’s love of animals and land runs deep. She is a real estate professional and an avid equestrian so it’s no surprise that she has joined our Walk Woof Wag team to support Chico Animal Shelter’s medical fund. Visit Kendra’s WEBSITE  page! 
Red Hot Metal, Inc.

Back again in 2018!  If it’s metal and beautiful, or glass blowing and beautiful, it’s Red Hot Metal! And Jeff Lindsay is not only an artist extraordinaire but a dog lover, with one particular dog, Leo, being at the top of his pack. Check out the WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page!

Esplanade Arco AM/PM

Back again in 2018! Our thanks to our friends at Esplanade Arco AM/PM for supporting Walk Woof Wag! Stop by to say “thanks!” Here’s their FACEBOOK page!

Brett A. Gilman, Attorney at Law

Back again in 2018! We know how much Brett  A. Gilman, Attorney at Law loves his dogs and this sponsorship really shows how much he cares for ALL the animals in our community!! Thank you, Brett!! Visit his website HERE. WOOF!

Carla’s Landscape Design

Back again in 2018!  Carla is the landscaper for The Canine Connection, the Velascos, and so many others who love her outstanding work! Visit her website HERE!

Northern California National Bank

Back again in 2018! Once again, this local bank has shown their love of dogs and community! Thank you NCNB for being one our valued sponsors! Visit their WEBSITE and get to know them!

Concours Elite

 Joining the Pack in 2018!

InterWest Insurance Services, LLC

 Joining the Pack in 20181

Bocce Masters

 Joining the Pack in 2018!