Walk Woof Wag 2017 is a fundraiser for Chico Animal Shelter, our local shelter in Chico, California that houses stray and surrendered animals that need a loving paw up. Monies generated by Walk Woof Wag go directly to Chico Animal Shelter’s medical fund so that animals needing veterinary treatment can get necessary care.

The idea for a fundraiser walk for Chico Animal Shelter originated in 2014  with Bryce Velasco, a young man inspired by a great dog. Bryce’s dog, Jasmine, was adopted at Chico Animal Shelter so, for his 8th grade leadership project in 2014, Bryce envisioned a fundraiser that would give back to the organization that gave him his dog. Bryce approached Sarah Richardson, owner of The Canine Connection (Jasmine’s “go to” place for dog daycare and training) to ask if she would help. She and Bryce joined forces and Walk Woof Wag was born.

Please join in this celebration of animals in our community and help our local shelter by:

  • Registering for Walk Woof Wag 2017 and participating in this super fun-filled event!  
  • Making a tax-deductible donation to Chico Animal Shelter in honor of Bryce and Jasmine! 
  • Becoming an event sponsor and promote your community-minded business through this inspired and inspiring event!