WWW Bryce and Jasmine 2014Walk Woof Wag is an annual dog festival, walk, and fundraiser that was inspired by Chico youth Bryce Velasco who wanted to honor his dog, Jasmine, who was adopted through Chico Animal Shelter. In 2014, Bryce was in the 8th grade at Marsh Junior High School and taking a leadership class that required students to perform a service project. Bryce’s vision was a walk that would be festive and fun and raise funds for Chico Animal Shelter. He approached Dr. Sarah Richardson, owner of The Canine Connection (Jasmine’s “go to” place for training, daycare, and boarding) and asked if she would help him transform his idea into reality. Sarah and Bryce joined forces and began planning for the first Walk Woof Wag gathering. It was decided that funds raised through Walk Woof Wag would go to Chico Animal Shelter’s medical fund so that the animals in their care could receive the medical care they need while they await loving, permanent homes.


The stories of our annual “poster dogs”

Since Walk Woof Wag began in 2014, the funds generated by this event have helped many animals at Chico Animal Shelter, and not just dogs! To symbolize ALL of the animals helped by Walk Woof Wag, we select one dog each year to be featured as our “poster dog.” These dogs represent the many animals that are helped by Chico Animal Shelter, especially those who need medical attention and so rely on our donations.  Here are the stories of the dogs who have been Walk Woof Wag Poster Dogs. While we can only pick one dog each year to represent all the animals helped by Walk Woof Wag, we hope these dogs put a face to the MANY animals helped by this event.

2022- Frito

Our 2022 Poster Pup is Frito (Or “Dillon,” as his foster family has been calling him), a small mixed breed who came to Chico Animal Shelter in October of 2020 as a stray. The shelter’s medical team got to work right away on a mysterious skin condition that causes fur loss and spotty skin. Though they haven’t been able to diagnose the condition, Frito is in much better shape now and is showing his true colors: an affectionate, cuddly pup who loves being held, “talking” with people, and burrowing under blankets to stay cozy. Thanks to the Chico Animal Shelter Medical Fund, he’s ready to be adopted and find his forever home! 




Olaf is a big, sweet Siberian Huskey who came to Chico Animal Shelter from the North Complex Fire of 2020. Olaf had four burned paws and an injury to his right eye from what veterinarians thought could have been an ember.  His paws healed up nicely, but Olaf’s right eye needed to be removed.  It didn’t slow him down a bit!  Throughout his treatment and recovery, Olaf stayed true to himself – a happy, friendly dog who loved giving and getting hugs, and seemed to understand that CAS staff and volunteers were doing everything they could to help him. Despite numerous efforts, Olaf’s previous owners were not able to be found. But, Olaf’s relationship with CAS ended in the best way – he was adopted to a forever home in February 2021!



2020- Alien Grandpa

Alien Grandpa is the perfect poster pup. When he arrived at Chico Animal Shelter he was in rough shape. We are grateful Walk Woof Wag funds were there to help him get the medical care he needed. Not surprisingly, after a little TLC Alien has taking a new identity, almost aging backwards! Loving to run and play with his human Alien’s new found spark is all thanks to the hard work of the Chico Animal Shelter.



2019 – Rudy

Camp Fire Rudy! Rudy is a great poster dog for all Chico Animal Shelter dogs for Chico’s neediest animals.






 2018 – Bernadette

Bernadette is such a sweet girl. She arrived at Chico Animal Shelter with severe burns on her body and we are glad our Walk Woof Wag funds were there to help her get the medical care she needed. Not surprisingly, given all she has been through, she is cautious with people but loves other dogs. She is available for adoption through Chico Animal Shelter, to a family that will provide her security andpatience




   2017 – Lulu

Lulu is the sweetest, funniest dog! She arrived at Chico Animal Shelter needing considerable medical care. It appeared she had been hit by a car or had some other kind of  accident resulting in severe trauma to one of her hind legs. That leg needed to be amputated but that hasn’t slowed Lulu down a bit. She is full of enthusiasm for life! Currently in a foster home, she is awaiting the perfect home where she can share laughter and love forever.




2016 – CJ

CJ arrived at Chico Animal Shelter on New Year’s Eve, 2015, a sad, injured, stray pup. Only 10-12 weeks old, he was thin, dehydrated, lethargic, and sore. Radiographs revealed broken ribs. Who knows what had happened to poor CJ but one thing was sure, good fortune was ahead. It took a couple of months, but CJ healed up and was ready for his perfect home. He was adopted by his forever family on the last day of February, 2016. Way to go, CJ! Thanks for getting strong!



2015 – Parker

Parker was found on Park Avenue (hence, his name) near the shelter, a sad stray boy in dire need of medical care. His skin was raw and bleeding from infection. He was anxious and distraught. After months of medical treatment to get his skin infection under control, Parker was ready for adoption. He could not have found a more loving, home, one that provided him with the best medical care and oodles of love. What was not known at the time Parker was adopted was that he had severe orthopedic problems as well. These emerged once he was healthy and able to run and play.  Parker had top-notch medical care from UC Davis and his local veterinarian but eventually passed away from his medical problems. The blessing is that in the last years of his life, he knew and gave total, unconditional love to his family. Though his body was weak, Parker’s heart was huge and strong.


2014 – Jasmine

Jasmine is the dog who inspired Walk Woof Wag. When Bryce found her at Chico Animal Shelter, she had been overlooked at a recent adoption event – perhaps it was because she was destined to be Bryce’s dog. The bond between Bryce and Jasmine was immediate and strong. So strong that it inspired Bryce to want to honor her by helping other animals of Chico Animal Shelter and that’s how Walk Woof Wag began!