The stories our mascots…

Walk Woof Wag, an annual dog fun walk and fundraiser, was inspired by Chico youth, Bryce Velasco, who wanted to honor his dog, Jasmine, who was adopted through Chico Animal Shelter. Funds generated through Walk Woof Wag go to Chico Animal Shelter’s medical fund so that the animals in their care can receive the medical care they need while they await loving, permanent homes. Each year, a new dog who was helped by Walk Woof Wag funds is selected to be featured in the event logo. Here are the stories of those dogs.

CJ with tennis ballCJ – 2016 Mascot

CJ arrived at Chico Animal Shelter on New Year’s Eve, 2015, a sad, injured, stray pup. Only 10-12 weeks old, he was thin, dehydrated, lethargic, and sore. Radiographs revealed broken ribs. Who knows what had happened to poor CJ but one thing was sure, good fortune was ahead. It took a couple of months, but CJ healed up and was ready for his perfect home. He was adopted by his forever family on the last day of February, 2016. Way to go, CJ! Thanks for getting strong!

PARKER – 2015 mascotWWW Parker resting
by Kym Casperson

I first heard about Parker on Sarah’s Canine Connection Facebook page. At that time, we were in the final stages of losing our beloved German Shepherd Dog, Val, to cancer and in no place to consider another dog. But four months later, after Val’s cancer had claimed him, Parker was still at the shelter, patiently awaiting an understanding family. You see, Parker was not an easy dog. He had been brought to Chico Animal Shelter by a homeless woman who stated that she had found him on Park Ave (hence the name “Parker”). At that time he was very thin, had a horrible skin infection, ear infection, and tender paws.   During the months that Parker was in the shelter’s care, his infections resolved and he gained weight, but separation and other anxieties surfaced. We were drawn to Parker and visited with him several times at the shelter and took him on some trial visits to our home. Though often anxious, when he came to our home, he would immediately curl up and fall asleep, exhausted, nuzzling in our lap and giving kisses. Needless to say, we wanted this guy! 

We are so grateful to the loving staff at the Chico Animal Shelter for caring for Parker. I am an RN and I saw the medical bills that were paid by their medical fund and I was impressed with how they spent it. He received appropriate care; they weren’t wasteful. I often wonder when I donate to places “How will the money be spent/managed?” I can personally say, I will be supporting Chico Animal Shelter now and in the future. 

WWW Bryce and Jasmine 2014JASMINE – 2014 mascot
by Bryce Velasco

In Spring 2014, I was a leadership student at Marsh Junior High School. For that class, our teacher assigned us a community service project. I chose to create a dog walk to raise money for the Chico Animal Shelter because my dog, Jasmine, came from the shelter. My story with Jasmine started in Fort Bragg. My aunt, uncle, and cousin had just gotten a new dog. During our time visiting them in Fort Bragg I became very fond of their new dog and I wanted one just like her. When we returned from our trip, we went to look at the dogs who were in the care of Chico Animal Shelter. Sitting there quietly in her kennel was Jasmine, but of course she didn’t have that name yet. But sure enough, she looked so much like my aunt, uncle, and cousin’s dog that I knew she was meant to be MY DOG! We adopted her and have loved every day with her since then. I want every dog to have the same chance for a great home that Jasmine had. My hope is that Walk Woof Wag will help Chico Animal Shelter help the animals in my hometown of Chico.